We all know we need it. We all want it. We complain about it. We look forward to it. Yet for some reason, we don’t get enough of it and that makes adulting hard.

We need to learn how to sleep again!

So here are our sleepy solutions to help you catch those zzz’s

It all starts with…

1) Your Evening Routine:

The quality of your life (and your sleep) is largely dependent on the quality of your habits. Use this to your advantage and create a solid bedtime routine. A ritual that signals to your brain “hey, it is time to sleep soon, you know what to do, so start doing it”. Try these tonight

Evening showers. They help wash off the day and gets the ball rolling. Try it with some lavender oil.

Join the 10 pm Club – That’s in bed by 9:30 pm asleep by 10 pm. An extra 30 minutes does wonders! (Trust us)

Do something *calming* you enjoy  – read a book, knit, drink a cup of tea, try nighttime yoga, moisturize or a crossword. Make it about you.

Brain dump – Write down all the frustrations, wins and to do in a journal before bed – this will help you rest easy as you have action-ed your thoughts.

Take some calming breathes in bed and meditate.

But your evening routine starts earlier than you think… so avoid: 

Caffeine and sugar after 3 pm – it can keep you alert well into the night.

Heavy exercise in the evening – it pumps out our stress hormones making it even harder to sleep. Need to exercise – try yoga, swimming or a gentle walk.

Heavy meals – Big meals prolong digestion and take energy away from important nightly functions. Instead eat a well-balanced meal with good protein, veg, and carbs.

2) Sleepy Environment

Our environment can help our hinder our sleep. You choose which one you’d prefer.

Turn off the lights – in the evenings live by lamp or candlelight. It triggers the brain that its night time and this means sleep time.

No tech in the bedroom – phones, TVs, computers, and laptops.

Get it pitch black – I am talking dark **I can’t see my hand in front of my face** dark. Block out curtains and electrical tape are great for this.

Clutter – make your room as minimalist as possible. If it is not conducive to sleep or intimacy it doesn’t need to be there.

Keep it cool – crack a window and turn off the electric blanket. The body needs a cool environment to sleep.

3) Unplug:

In today’s 24/7 society we are surrounded by unnatural lighting, gadgets and are more availability than ever. This is having a negative effect on our ability to relax and produce our sleepy hormones.

Warm lighting over fluorescence is key. Fluorescent lighting is unnatural and tricks our body its daytime. Switch your globes from white and bright to warm and yellow. Dimmable lighting, candles and  rock salt lamps are also great.

Have a tech curfew – expert suggest no less than 1 hour before bed! That’s because the blue light blocks our sleepy hormone, making sleep 80% harder. If unavoidable download FLUX for your laptops and turn on night-mood on your mobiles. This turns screens into a warm yellow which is better than the bright blue light (but still no tech is better!)

Switch on aeroplane mode on all devices especially if you use your phone as an alarm! It reduces EMF which holds the brain in a hyperactive state.

Another thing about the mobile phone and the alarm clock — Change your alarm tone from the screaming siren to something less abrasive.

4) Sleep-Wake cycle:

Keep a sleep-wake routine

If 10 pm is bedtime and if 6:30 am is your wake-up time then up you get and go to bed at this time.

6 days a week.

The body appreciates consistency – over time this will be a habit that becomes normal!

5) Get adjusted:

Sick and tired of being tired? Aches and pains? Stiffness? or are you just uncomfortable in bed?  Chiropractic may give you that added sleepy boost!

Chiropractic helps eliminate the interference within the nervous system through specific spinal adjustments and allows the body to heal and move freely. This results in a better functioning spine and nervous system meaning fewer aches and pains, increased flexibility, and overall wellness as well as its stress relieving properties. It allows your body and mind to relax so that you can fall asleep easier and stay asleep. Doesn’t that sound dreamy.

There are our 5 sleepy solutions and now it is your turn – what will you choose?

Will it be a no tech bedroom, perhaps a bedtime routine or even a change of lighting in your home. Whatever you choose, implementing a few of these tips and tricks will be those small habits that can lead to BIG change. Remember, your body will thank you for this new healthy habit.

Sleep Well,

Dr. Kaitlyn Up Chiropractic



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