It’s cold and wet, the middle of winter and we are smack bang in the middle of flu season. More and more of those around us are battling with colds and coughs that are hard to shake. Want to learn how to dodge a bullet??

Here are my top 5 things you can do  to better arm your immune defenses:

Sleep is key!!

If you feel fatigued through the day and searching for that afternoon coffee, its likely your immune system is going find it hard to go into battle for you. A few earlier nights and some good sleep, will restore your energy reserves so your body can be ready! Also the bulk of you immune defense goes into action while you sleep, so if putting yourself to bed after 12 AM you missing out and the bugs can build a bigger assault.

Cut down on sugar!!

Sugar decreases the function of your immune system. Sugar is the primary fuel of the bugs and viruses which the body is trying to defend it self against. When you feel you are coming down with something, avoiding refined sugars, sweets and lots of grains will do wonders for your health and immune defense. Watch out for hidden sugar in fruit juice and cereals.

Vitamin DEFENCE – vitamin D

Vitamin D activates important virus killing cells in your body called CD8 T Cells. It has been know those who have a higher level of these cells have less cold and flu’s and fewer symptoms. Also Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more prevalent and in the winter we have less sun exposure. So try to source a good Vit D3 supplement to build a good immune defence, and get some Perth winter sun!

Don’t put the shackles on your genius

Did you know there is no doctor in the world that has ever healed or cured anyone!! If in the past you have ever hurt yourself or been sick… its YOU that’s done the healing. Your body is intelligent; it’s self-healing and self-regulating. Sometimes when we are sick we feel uncomfortable and the symptoms get in the way, from work or family commitments, but this is the bodies way to defend itself. If we mask the symptoms we suppress the defense. Try to avoid taking cold and flu tablets and drugs which suppress the body’s ability to produce mucus, that’s the bodies way of getting the bugs out of your body!! Support your immune system, naturally, it may be uncomfortable, but your body will thank you for it.

Move and shake!

Obviously when energy reserves a low rest is important. However regular exercise is vital to our immune health. Although a direct link has not yet been associated, what is know is that movement is essential to brain health and reducing the effects of stress, allows the immune system to work its best!! So movement is key, we tend to move less in these colder days, we stay house bound and procrastinate. So when possible MOVE!

Stay well, Dr Matt Hamilton

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