Ok this definitely makes more sense to those that attended our hugely successful power of food night….but the entertaining and knowledgeable Dr. Damian Kristof dropped a load of food bombs on us all night to some wonderful accolades.

Picture this, the Leederville Town Hall filled to the brim with those of us with a real passion for food and hunger for understanding the impact of food on our health…a selection of amazing businesses wanting to be a part of the event and showcasing their wares on the night.  This included Nood food, The Little Shop of Plenty, Eyes on Oxford, Finance Achievers, The Organic Collective, Forage Cereal, I Am Foods, Mind Body Heart, Inner Origin and, of course, us as the host – Up! Chiropractic.


he feedback was super positive and there was a stack of takeaways…Dr. Damian got a bunch of laughs with his poo talk, suggesting how our bowel movements should be, he spoke of the fact that food has an intelligence or a structure to it that disappears the more we process it and enables our body to consume more of it than we need…he used the simple example of eating 2 bags of potato crisps as opposed to a stack of apples – how many apples do you think you could get through in one sitting?

It was important to hear that supplements, no matter how good, were no substitute for healthy eating.  In actual fact, if you were eating a heap of junk food then trying to balance it with supplements you could actually be putting more stress on your

body to try and metabolise the things that you are taking to do you good!

Finally, he told the story of when he was practicing as a naturopath and the patients he was seeing that were also seeing the chiropractor down the road were getting the best results – (obviously this is the story we liked the best!!!!)  Dr Miles went onto talk more about this at the end of the night, in that how the body works is simple…the brain controls every function occurring in the body and it does this via the nerve system, so what would happen if the nerves that went to the stomach or digestive system weren’t working very well?  Would we be getting the most value out of the supplements we were taking, or the organic apples we were eating?

Thanks so much for supporting this wonderful event and stay tuned for Dr. Kristof’s other food event, called “Crack the Stress Code” which dives a whole lot deeper into understanding how we can impact our health for the long term through our food.

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