Why we supplement at Up!

Our philosophy here at Up! Is that fresh is best, local is legend and real food first is always the way to go! 

However, we also recognise in our own lives that there are times when that is not enough and this is for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, unfortunately the soil biome in WA is somewhat limited, meaning that not all the vitamins and minerals we need to optimise health are available in the produce here as it is absent in our sandy soil. 

In addition to this, sometimes it is hard to eat enough oily fish, fermented foods and leafy greens and that is the time when we feel like we benefit from some extra help!

Now don’t get us wrong, we use supplements as exactly that, a supplement for our diet - not a substitute, we don’t use an excessive amount but these are things that we do actually use and, therefore, recommend!

Of course, because we are using them ourselves as well, we make sure they are what we consider the best!  For example the fish oil is non-farmed wild caught in a sustainable way…the protein powder is plant based and not added to, with fillers and nasties and the magnesium is in a powdered form which is highly absorbable in the gut.


We want you to get as much benefit from these as we do!  Enjoy!



(CalmX Tropical flavour 476 g powder)

What I do :

I am an essential mineral in the body.

I help maintain normal muscle and nerve function, assists your cells in making energy and keeps your heart rhythm steady.

I am specially designed to support a healthy stress response by the synthesis of GABA, a neurotransmitter.



Vitamin B's

(Meta B Complex 50 Tablets)

What I do: I am a high Potency B complex with antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. I help to maintain a healthy stress response and energy levels.

Vegans love me.

UFC Activ Vial.png



(Ultra Flora Restore 60 capsules)

What I do: Assist in the restoration of healthy gut flora.

If you have been using or are on antibiotic therapy I am your best friend!


Vitamin C

(C-Ultrascorb II Oral Powder)

What I do: I Reduce the severity and duration of colds.

Assist in the management of minor wounds and help minimise gut irritation.




What I do: I combine zinc, manganese and activated B6 to support a healthy immune system. I offer assistance in the management of mild acne and help with minor wound healing. I am also great for healthy sperm function.


Fish Oil

(Metapure EPA/DHA)

What I do: I am a high strength, purified fish oil and am not from farmed fish.

I offer temporary relief from inflammation pain.

I am great for your brain health as a maintain healthy triglyceride levels improving your cognition and mood.


Super Greens

(Greens Powder)

What I do: I promote well-being. I am an effective way to up your daily dose of greens. I help cleanse, alkalise and detoxify the body.

I deliver health-building antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to your body in a delicious, easy to consume formula.

Add me to your favourite smoothie or simply mix me with water and enjoy!


Amino Acid


What I do: I hep with greater training adaptations, injury prevention, thermo-regulation, rehabilitation and concussion or spinal cord neuro-protection.

A number of clinical applications of creatine supplementation have been studied involving neurodegenerative diseases.

Protein Powder

(Plant Protein)

What I do: I help with recovery and growth. I am a plant based protein powder that combines three plant based proteins. What makes me special is that I am enhanced with branched chain amino acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and adaptogens.

I am gut health-friendly and support peak performance, lean muscle growth and optimum recovery.

I can be ordered in the flavours; French Vanilla and Rich Chocolate.


Vitamin D

What I do: I help with, growth and maintenance of healthy strong bones, protection against respiratory infections, insulin control, lowering high blood pressure, mood control and heart health.


Vitamin C

(C Ultrascorb powder)

What I do: I reduce the severity and duration of colds, assist in the management of minor wounds and help minimise gut irritation.

Immune Support

(Immunitone Plus)

What I do: I help to relieve and reduce the duration of symptoms of the common cold from mild upper respiratory tract infections.